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At Penny’s Cleaning, we aim to be your trusted partner for all your recurring residential cleaning needs. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to take the cleaning chores off your hands, giving you more time to enjoy life.

Types of Services

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Maintenance Cleanings

Cleanliness is essential for a healthy and comfortable home. Our experienced cleaners provide comprehensive cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, or 4-week basis to keep your home in top condition.

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Need help getting caught up, or just need a quick cleaning before the holidays or a dinner party? Our one-time cleaning service can take care of that. We'll leave your home sparkling clean, just in time for your special event.

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Don't stress about the mess from your holiday gatherings. We offer thorough cleaning services before and after your parties, ensuring you can enjoy your event without worrying about the cleanup.

Persons with yellow gloves mopping the floor with a green mop in a room with moving boxes, indicating cleaning during a move-in.


Moving can be hectic, but cleaning doesn't have to be part of the chaos. Whether you're moving in or moving out, we provide comprehensive cleaning services to make the transition smoother.

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