What services are you currently offering?

We currently offer recurring weekly or biweekly professional cleaning for residential homes.

Are you currently taking new clients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new clients looking for weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning.

Where is your current service area?

We are currently offering cleaning services to Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, and Republic, Missouri.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

When we perform our cleaning services, our cleaning teams bring all of the cleaning products & equipment with them. Due to safety issues and consistent service, we only use the products and equipment that we provide.

What do I need to prepare for your cleaning services?

Prior to our cleaning services, we ask that you have all or most of your personal items picked up and put away. We also require that the temperature of your home be within a comfortable range for our cleaning team. If you would like your bedding changed, please leave a clean set of sheets at the end of your bed.

How much will your cleaning services cost?

We clean with three cleaning people on a team, and charge by the "team hour". The rate is based on the frequency of your cleanings. When you contact us, we will give you an estimate of how many hours it should take the team to do your cleaning based on the square footage and number of rooms in your home. First time cleanings generally take longer to get everything caught up. After that, we should be able to establish a set amount of time required for future cleanings so that you will know what to expect each time.

How do I pay for my cleaning service?

Penny's Cleaning requires a credit or debit card to be placed on file with us before we schedule your first cleaning. Most of our clients prefer to have us charge their card after each cleaning, however, once your card is on file, you are welcome to pay with a check or cash if you prefer.

Can I choose a specific time of day for my cleaning service?

Penny's Cleaning requires an open availability between 8:45 AM and 5:15 PM on your scheduled cleaning day. We will perform our cleaning services between those hours. The arrival time of your cleaning team will fluctuate from cleaning to cleaning.

Do I have to be home when the cleaning team arrives?

No, you do not have to be home during our cleaning service. You are welcome to be present, but you do not have to be. We require an entry method into your home (either a copy of your key or your garage code) so that you do not have to be home when we arrive to do your cleaning.